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The laser application was introduced  at the end of 70's such in several surgical specialities with great advantages both for the surgeon both for the patient.

At the end of the past millennium a new  application area took place: Percutaneous laser disc decompression (PLDD)
Today, after 10 years of  international experiences, the PLDD  procedure can be considered as  the mini invasive and standardized solution for the herniated disc treatment.

PLDD procedure has become a technique daily used by an even bigger number of specialists all across the world.
Italy  had a primary rule in the development of materials, standardization and  correct diffusion of the procedure by the contribute of his scientists and specialists.

Since 2003 the Italian laser utilizers have been developing more than thirty meeting days of learning projects and tutoring courses with the help of qualified professional people.

The goal of 2006 for the Italian group is to organize, with the help of world wide most qualified specialists, the Rome Spine 07, the treatment of degenerative lumbar spine, mini invasive surgery and techniques (2-4 december 07).
This event will see the birth of an independent international society, called ISLASS (International Society of Laser Assisted Spine Surgery), whose many orthopaedics and neurosurgeons take part of.

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